Svetlana SV83 / 6P15P

SV83 is an inexpensive but highly linear low power output tube similar to EL84 tube. A matched SV83 pair includes two matching SV83 tubes.

We match SV83 on both Ip and Gm using a custom test setup.

SV83 tube has higher conductance than EL84 (15K vs 11K), but the screen grid (g2) of SV83 cannot take as much voltage (200V vs 300V) as EL84. Because of this, SV83 is not a direct replacement for an EL84.

SV83 tube has many fans, and there are great sounding amps such as Decware Zen that are designed with SV83 tubes. SV83 tubes are often used in DIY designs as well.


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