Quad JJ Electronics 6L6GC

  • Set – selected 4 for the power amplifier on 4 tubes 6L6
  • Classic power amplifier tube, with its characteristic volume, low, warm, opaque middle and relatively slow, but distinctive high end.
  • The GC designation means a slightly larger and thicker walled 6L6/5881 tube with improved sound and performance as well as an increased power reserve (up to 600V).


It is worth paying attention to this, as a lot of amplifiers work with GC modifications and with other modifications of the lamps can sound with overloading and shortening the service life. As opposed to Russian analogues, it has a much more diverse and musical sound, together with a very high reliability.

All power lamps are heated to high temperatures during operation, so they last considerably longer and retain their characteristics provided that the necessary heating, ventilation and lack of vibrations of the power amplifier body are maintained.


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