57 Mini Tweed 5W Amp Kit


  • StewMac has lovingly recreated this timeless amplifier in our ’57 Mini Tweed 5W Amp Kit
  • The 5F1 circuit was originally meant to be a student amp but wasn’t kid stuff for long; this amp is a timeless studio darling whose tiny size hides tremendous punch and versatility
  • We’ve gone to great lengths to make these kits something a complete beginner can tackle, and this kit comes with all the parts you’ll need to complete this project in just a few evenings
  • Includes step-by-step instructions (full of photos and illustrations) that break down every task into clear, bite-sized pieces
  • Amp cabinet dimensions: 13″ (33.02cm) high x 14-1/2″ (36.83cm) wide x 8-7/8″ (22.54cm) deep




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